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KPro Products

ProSteel Marker

•Excellent chalk and marker pen adherence

•Erases easily with soft dry cloth or felt eraser

•Very little glare with minimal surface distortion

•Porcelain Ceramic surface is Acid, Fire, Stain and Scratch resistant

•Porcelain Ceramic surface is warranted for 50 years

•Requires minimal care and maintenance

•All steel skins are magnetic

•Resurfacing grade sheets available


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PROSTEEL chalk and marker presenta­tion surfaces consist of porcelainized steel of unsurpassed quality and performance.  PROSTEEL chalk and marker boards are factory assembled with no seams up to 5’H X 16’W. Larger units require seams for unlimited possibilities—call for assistance.

PROTAK products consist of tack-able surfaces include the long-lasting color impregnated synthetic cork offered in 12 colors or the classic natural cork. Fabric, and vinyl stocked in a wide range of colors. Color charts readily available.


K-Pro Specialty Products

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